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Voodoo Amezon Deep Cleansing Makeup Removers (100 ml)

Voodoo Amezon Deep Cleansing Makeup Removers (100 ml)

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Deep cleansing of the skin, effectively removes cosmetic residue, maintains skin's luster, mild and non-irritating, and removes excess oil from the face in one step, suitable for sensitive skin and acne skin.

Softer foam stimulates skin cells gently. Helps tighten pores effectively. SYN-AKE innovation and Glycerin helps balance the skin. The skin does not dry, tight. Which significantly reduces the inflammation of acne and reduces excess fat. It is enriched with valuable natural extracts for clear acne skin.

Directions: Use twice a day, in the morning and evening. After thoroughly massaging into face, rinse well with water and pat your skin dry.

Net Weight: 100 ml.

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