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Voodoo Amezon Booster Sleeping Cream (30.5g)

Voodoo Amezon Booster Sleeping Cream (30.5g)

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The premium natural extracts and the innovation SYN-AKE, or snake venom serum that mimics the function of snake venom. Helps to solve acne clogged problems. Prevent the occurrence of new acne, reduce excess oil, dullness and dark circles. The results are guaranteed to solve acne.

Tri-peptide small particles that mimic the action of snake venom. The result is equivalent to the depth of Botox works at the cellular level. With nanotechnology helps to reduces wrinkles quickly and deeply strength. And slow down the deterioration of the skin at the DNA level to lock the moisturizer longer than the general mask cream to 10 times.

How to use: After cleaning your face, apply the cream all over your face and neck gently. Use before bed. Do not rinse off.

Net Weight: 30.5 g.
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