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Fluocaril Toothpaste for Kids 2-6 Years, 65g

Fluocaril Toothpaste for Kids 2-6 Years, 65g

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Fluocaril for children 2-6 years old. Sugarless.
Maximum protection against 2 fluorides.
The fight against caries in the milk period.
Strengthens weakened enamel with regular use.

Brush your teeth after meals or at least twice a day.
Apply a pea-sized amount to a soft-bristled toothbrush, brush thoroughly and rinse.

Safety information:
This product contains 2 fluorides, do not swallow.
Parents should supervise brushing their teeth to minimize swallowing.
In case of accidental ingestion or allergy, discontinue use and seek professional help or a doctor.

Strawberry Flavour/ Orange Flavour. No added sugar.

Weight: 65 g.

Made in Thailand.

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