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Counterpain Cool Gel, 120 g

Counterpain Cool Gel, 120 g

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Counterpain Cool Analgesic Gel provides quick and soothing relief muscular aches and pain.

Counterpain Cool Gel is specifically designed for the relief of aching muscles, tendons, joints, sports injuries, sprains or strains.

Counterpain Cool Gel has no side effects when it is used at the recommended dosage and it is greaseless, non-staining and cannot damage clothes.

Apply Counterpain Cool Gel on and around the painful area. Massage, using your fingertips, in a circular motion until it is absorbed into the skin. Do not use with heating pads or heating devices.

Active Ingredients : Levomenthol 4%

For external use only.

Registration number: 1C 22/56

Size: 120 g.


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