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Madame Heng

Madame Heng Collagen Blue Ozean Soap Sea Results (80g)

Madame Heng Collagen Blue Ozean Soap Sea Results (80g)

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Skin nourishing soap helps to revive the flaky skin. Slows down the development the age lines. Combined protection with Blue Microalgae (Phormidium Persicinum) that is long-lived in the deep sea. It is an effective source of nutrients, minerals and proteins. It is a combination of two species, Blue Microalgae and Brown Algae (Laminaria Digitata), that blend together very well. Thus bringing moisture to the skin. Not cause dehydration of the skin, keep the skin alive. Revitalize the skin to be smooth, clear and easy to absorb nutrients efficiently. It also removes waste products that cause skin aging, wrinkles, and dry skin while cleansing the skin well.

Use to wash and cleanse your skin. Restores skin smoothness, softness and radiance every day.

Net Weight: 80 g.

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