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Mistine Fresh Collagen Gel (40ml)

Mistine Fresh Collagen Gel (40ml)

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Revitalizes and softens skin. With gel facial products. Provides intensive skin care to relieve fatigue from various factors. And pollution that is hurting the skin. Contains Marine Soluble Collagen to help moisturize the skin. Secret Beauty Peptide * 5 Collagen Type I, III, IV, VII, and XVI. Sea Power Moisture * Nourishing skin from the sea and niacinamide to help skin to look radiant and younger looking skin.

The gel fills dehydrated cells with moisture and helps maintain the necessary hydro-balance, relieving the skin from dryness and flaking.

How to use: Apply the gel to cleansed skin with gentle massaging movements. Use it in the morning and evening.

Net Weight: 40 ml.
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