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Sense Garlic Oil Keratin Hair Treatment, 500g

Sense Garlic Oil Keratin Hair Treatment, 500g

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Sense Garlic Oil Keratin Hair Treatment is a nourishing hair treatment enriched with garlic oil and keratin to promote healthier and more vibrant hair. The garlic oil helps to strengthen and revitalize the hair, while keratin works to repair and protect the hair's structure. This treatment can be applied to damp hair after shampooing, left on for a specified time, and then rinsed out. It's recommended for those looking to improve the overall health and appearance of their hair, particularly if they have concerns about hair strength, shine, and manageability.

How to use: Use in place of hair conditioner. Apply to all hair and gently massage scalp for 3 minutes, then rinse off.

Thai FDA number: 10-1-6100024772

Net weight: 500 g.

Made in Thailand.

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