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Precious Skin Thailand

Precious Skin Thailand Gold 24K Whitening Serum (50ml)

Precious Skin Thailand Gold 24K Whitening Serum (50ml)

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Luxury serum with gold whitens and brightens the skin of the face. Restores moisture to dry skin. Fights fine lines and wrinkles. Lightweight, water-based formula.

*Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 reduces facial dullness, reduces wrinkles, crows feet and increases skin smoothness. It strengthens the skin cell wall and narrows pores, leaving skin moist, firm and healthy.

*Gold enhances collagen synthesis, helps restore elasticity, visibly reduces wrinkles and soothes the skin.

*Hydrolyzed collagen to tighten the skin and prevent premature aging.

*Allantoin helps to remove dead skin cells. Skin cleansed of dead cells absorbs other skin care products more easily.

How to use:
Use every day in the morning and evening. After washing, apply evenly to the entire face, then moisturize.

Registration number 12-1-6300054175

N.W.: 50 ml.

Made in Thailand.

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