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Kolbadent Herbal Toothpaste (160g)

Kolbadent Herbal Toothpaste (160g)

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Kolbadent is the Natural Herbal toothpaste which is made from natural ingredients which leaves your mouth clean and fresh like it was scrubbed clean unlike other chemical toothpaste. Strengthens gums and teeth.

Cleaning teeth, cleansing mouth and gums, Treating halitosis, removes tobacco, tea and coffee stains, helps with gingivitis. Excellent for sensitive teeth. Convenient in using and handy. Care root canal, Gingivitis and Scurvy. Reduces bad breath, dental plaque and powerful freshness.

To use: Brush your teeth with a toothpaste at least 2 times a day. Squeeze only half the brush or less and brush with water.

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