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Bio Way

Bio Way Lemongrass Herbal Hair Shampoo & Conditioner Set (360ml+360ml)

Bio Way Lemongrass Herbal Hair Shampoo & Conditioner Set (360ml+360ml)

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One of the benefits of lemongrass shampoo is that it has gentle cleansing properties. This means that the shampoo will clean the hair without over-drying it. If the hair becomes too dry it can become brittle and hard to manage. Very dry hair can even break. Lemongrass shampoo helps to avoid these problems and prevent dandruff,hair loss from the fungus at the hair root. Essential oil from lemongrass maintains the glossy hair,reduces hair tip breaking. Extract from lemongrass suppresses fungus and bacteria.

Direction: After shampoo apply a few lemongrass conditioner to hair. Leave it a minute than rinse thoroughly.

Size: 360 ml + 360 ml

Registration number (Shampoo 360ml):  73-1-5700080.

Registration number (Conditioner 360ml): 73-1-5700081.

Made in Thailand.

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