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Plantnery Tea Tree Anti-Acne Set

Plantnery Tea Tree Anti-Acne Set

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Acne fighting skin remedy. Made from natural plant extracts. Reduces inflammation of acne, dissolves clogged pimples.

Alcohol free, fragrance free, colorant free.

Plantnery Tea Tree Intensive Serum, 30 ml

✓ Reduces inflamed pimples, dissolves blocked pimples.
✓ Reduces oil on the skin.
✓ Reduces acne-causing P.Acnes bacteria
✓ Disinfects acne and prevents the appearance of new pimples.
✓ Reduces skin inflammation
✓ Rejuvenates new acne scars. Improves skin to make it stronger and healthier.

Plantnery Tea Tree Acne Whip Foam, 100g

✓ Excellent control of excess sebum on the face.
✓ Reduces acne-causing bacteria.
✓ Tightens the skin of the face. Prevents premature aging.
✓ The foam will help draw out the dirt left in the pores.
✓ Narrows your pores to make your skin look smooth.

Plantnery Tea Tree First Tonic, 250 ml

✓ Reduces acne inflammation, dissolves blocked pimples.
✓ Reduces acne-causing bacteria.
✓ Exfoliates the skin and draws the dirt out of the pores.
✓ Narrows the pores so that the skin looks smooth.

Set included: Foam (100g), Toner (250ml), Serum (30ml).

Made in Thailand.

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