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Oriental Princess

Oriental Princess Tropical Nutrients Peach Leave on Serum (95ml)

Oriental Princess Tropical Nutrients Peach Leave on Serum (95ml)

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A rich nourishing serum for strong hair that is neither broken nor lost easily, for a silky smooth touch that is noticeable immediately after use with an appealing scent offering day-long staying power. The latest innovation, Encapsulation Technology, features particles to give your hair day-long fragrance gradually emitting a captivating scent every time you give your hair a brush or shake. A nutrient blend of Nutri Moist, a natural extract certified by Ecocert, and Peach Extract strengthen your hair against styling and environmental pollutants with antioxidant qualities to reduce hair loss. Revitalise dry, brittle, damaged hair for gorgeous, silky smooth hair with body, health and vitality from root to end.

Apply the serum to dampened hair thoroughly without rinsing. Use as often as needed.
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