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Oriental Princess

Oriental Princess Repair & Rescue Anti Damaged Conditioner (230ml)

Oriental Princess Repair & Rescue Anti Damaged Conditioner (230ml)

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This comprehensive hair treatment conditioner deeply nourishes and coats the hair’s cuticle scales from a single use. It returns your hair’s smoothness and silky feel by treating damaged hair from within. With its Amino Repairing Oil ingredient that replicates the natural amino acids efficiently target damaged hair by retaining moisture and protecting it through heat, pollution and salon treatments. The Almond Extract nourishes dry brittle hair, making it soft, smooth, shiny and beautifully weighty. Integrated with Liquid Crystals Lameller technology, the Repair & Rescue Anti Damaged Conditioner seal-locks the hair’s moisture and protects against recurring damages.

After shampoo, apply the conditioner on wet hair. Massage gently around your head and leave for a few minutes. Rinse off thoroughly.

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