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Oriental Princess

Oriental Princess Tropical Nutrients Bergamot Treatment Shampoo (250ml)

Oriental Princess Tropical Nutrients Bergamot Treatment Shampoo (250ml)

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A cure-all for oily hair type, the Tropical Nutrients Bergamot Shampoo Enriched Formula gently washes your hair and leaves it grease-free and charmingly fragrant all day long while waving goodbye to flatness for good. Incorporated with the latest Encapsulation Technology, the encapsulated fragrances are locked into the hair layers, and diffusely released every time your hair is brushed or tossed. Enriched with the Nutri Moist Natural Extract, that is Ecocert certified. The precious Bergamot Extract is infused to return strength while restoring damaged hair from chemically-treated salon processes and pollution exposure. Maintaining the sebum balance of hair and scalp has never been so easy-just tackle it with the power of tropical fruits!

Apply the shampoo all over your wet hair, gently massage your hair and scalp then rinse out with water.

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