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Oriental Princess

Oriental Princess Repair & Rescue Shampoo (230ml)

Oriental Princess Repair & Rescue Shampoo (230ml)

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You may not get wrinkles on your hair, but it ages all the same. Aging hair is prone to be easily damaged, dry and weightless -due to weakened and dormant hair follicles. That is why your aging hair needs a different SOS remedy! The Repair & Rescue Time Restore Shampoo washes and prepares your strands for the next treatment steps. With a gentle yet powerful formula, specifically created to give protection and revitalise tired, chronologically ageing hair, the shampoo is infused with Organic Oil Complex extracted from three natural plants. This innovative hair repair infusion deeply penetrates into the hair’s medulla to protect against wear-and-tear on your hair caused by the ageing process, such as premature graying of hair. Returning hair strength while revitalising the hair fibre to prevent hair fall problems, the Cutissential 18-MEA restores damaged or bleached hair from chemically-treated salon processes and heat exposure. Turn back the clock on your locks to a more natural, healthy state with the Repair & Rescue Time Restore Shampoo.

Apply shampoo on wet hair then massage gently around your head. Rinse off thoroughly. To achieve maximum nourishing benefits, it is recommended to be used in conjunction with the Repair & Rescue Time Restore Conditioner.

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