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Namu Life

Namu Life Miracle White Concentrate Cream, 30ml

Namu Life Miracle White Concentrate Cream, 30ml

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Namu Life Miracle White Concentrate Cream is a concentrated skincare cream that works to address skin issues from within, prevent wrinkle formation, and reinforce the epidermal layer. This formula contains a potent combination of vitamin C, Fullerene, Ceramide, and Spanish Sage that offers hydration, a brighter skin tone, and safeguarded protection from free radicals and UV rays. Backed by dermatological testing and irritation prevention certification, this cream is a viable anti-aging solution.

Directions: Gently warm the product between your fingertips to activate the serum in the cream. Then, carefully apply it to your face and neck.

Net size: 30 ml.

Thai FDA Number: 10-65-010030-0001.

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