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Moon Collagen Complex, 120,000mg

Moon Collagen Complex, 120,000mg

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Moon Collagen Complex: Supercharge Your Beauty and Wellness.

This innovative dietary supplement features a unique blend of highly absorbable collagen peptides sourced from deep-sea fish. Unlike regular collagen, these tiny molecules are easily and quickly digested by your body, maximizing their benefits.

Supports youthful skin:

* Boosts collagen production, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
* Deeply hydrates, leaving skin plump and supple.
* Enhances skin elasticity, improving firmness and bounce.
* Reduces inflammation, minimizing redness and irritation.

Promotes healthier bones and joints:

* Strengthens bones and ligaments.
* Alleviates pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.
* Improves joint mobility and flexibility.

Nourishes your hair:

* Promotes hair growth and thickness.
* Restores shine and manageability.
* Prevents breakage and split ends.

Main Ingredients:

*Fish Collagen Dipeptide (2500mg): Easily absorbed for maximum collagen production.
*Fish Collagen Tripeptide (2000mg): Further enhances collagen absorption and utilization.
*Hydrolyzed Type II Collagen (500mg): Specifically targets joint health and cartilage repair.
*Vitamin C (30mg): Boosts collagen synthesis and protects against free radical damage.
*Acai Powder (10mg): Rich in antioxidants for overall cell health and skin protection.
*Coenzyme Q10 (5mg): Promotes energy production and combats oxidative stress.
*Strawberry Powder (5mg): Provides additional antioxidants and vitamin C.

How to Use:
Mix one scoop of Moon Collagen Complex with 250ml of room temperature water. Stir until dissolved and enjoy!

Thai FDA number: 13-2-07864-5-0025).

Net weight: 121.20 g (Total: 5,050 mg x 24 spoons)

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