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Madame Heng

Madame Heng Clear Spots Kit

Madame Heng Clear Spots Kit

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Madame Heng Clear Spot Kit contains: Clear Spot Soap 50g x 2, Clear Spot Solution 14 ml x 1.

Helps remove acne, sun spots and couperose. Brightens freckles, dark spots from acne, helps make pigment spots invisible.

Madame Heng Clear Spots Soap and Solution with natural plant extract, arbutin and vitamin C enhance the function of the tyrosinase enzyme, reducing the amount of pigment production.

Arbutin can infiltrate into your skin quickly and catalyzes the production of Melanin and other pigments. It will reduce dark spots, blemishes and frackle. Whiten and lighten skin, makes skin feel more toned and more resilient.

Direction: After cleansing face by Clear Spots Soap, use a few Clear Spots Solution on problem area.

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