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Madame Heng

Madame Heng Ozzy Acne Clear up Solution (14 ml)

Madame Heng Ozzy Acne Clear up Solution (14 ml)

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Ozzy antibacterial solution was developed by Madame Heng Thai company based on Australian ingredients. This natural antiseptic for the treatment of problem skin, eliminating acne and inflammation, eliminates the root cause of acne and inflammation on the skin, suppresses the growth and reproduction of bacteria, at the same time perfectly cares for the skin, saturating it with vitamins.
Ozzie natural antiseptic can be used not only to treat acne but also as a disinfectant for wounds, abrasions, insect bites and also used as an inhalation oil for colds. It contains ozzy herbal extracts and vitamins C and E, which kill bacteria on the skin.
How to use: Apply to the area of inflammation 2-3 times a day.

Size: 14 ml.

Thai FDA number: 10-1-5639802.
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