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Khaolaor Mouth Gel (5 sachets)

Khaolaor Mouth Gel (5 sachets)

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Khaolaor Mouth Gel is a product of natural herbal extracts. No steroid component. Good anti-inflammation. High safety. For relief the symptoms associated with oral inflammatory and purulent ulcers. Reduces inflammation and helps heal a wound quickly. It can be used as often as necessary.

Khaolaor Mouth Gel product was presented at the World Invention Competition in Geneva in 2019, won the gold medal (PMHA Award) and the Special Prize from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Russian Federation.

Dosage: Apply a small amount (about 0.6 cm) of the paste to cotton swabs or fingertip, and then apply to the affected area until a thin film forms. Should be applied at bedtime to ensure that oral gel is in contact with the lesion overnight. If necessary, the drug is used 2-3 times a day after meals.

Storage: Store at room temperature.

Do not use on young children.

Thai FDA Number: G 764/59

Package: 1 box contains 5 sachets. Each sachet 1g.

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