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Khaolaor Garlic Extract Tablet Alicia 5000

Khaolaor Garlic Extract Tablet Alicia 5000

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Khaolaor Garlic Extract Tablet helps to fight free radicals and strengthen the body's immunity. Reduces fat and cholesterol. Anti-oxidant. No garlic odor.

The health benefits of allicin in garlic have been documented over the past 20 years, including lowering blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, lowering blood pressure and having antioxidants in those who regularly consume it.

Each tablet contains: Garlic Extract Powder 333 mg. Yields Allicin 5,000 mcg., Equivalent to Allicin 15,000 ppm.

The tablet will be disintegrated in small intestine for complete Allicin absorption.

Take 1-2 tablet one time a day, ideally at breakfast or dinner. Do not chew, swallow whole.

This dietary supplement is not a medicine, consult a specialist.

Variation: 30 tablets/box ; 60 tablets/box.

Thai FDA Number: 11-1-08831-1-0035


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