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Hotta Original Ginger with Honey Instant Drink, 180g

Hotta Original Ginger with Honey Instant Drink, 180g

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Hotta Ginger Powder Mix with Honey combines the invigorating properties of the original ginger with the natural sweetness of honey. If you are looking for a remedy for fatigue or want to learn about the benefits of ginger drinks, this product is a great choice.

This ginger powder blend is made from fresh ginger that has been aged for 11-12 months. The long aging process ensures that ginger is loaded with gingerol, the active compound responsible for its unique taste and health benefits. It is a valuable source of vitamins B1, B2 and B6, which play a critical role in maintaining overall health and supporting energy metabolism.

The package contains 18g. x 10 sachets.

Product of Thailand.

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