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Facy Gold Mousse Facial Cleanser, 100 g

Facy Gold Mousse Facial Cleanser, 100 g

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Facy Gold Mousse Facial Cleanser (100 g)

Gold Facial Cleansing Mousse cleanses and detoxifies, while pearl powder helps brighten the skin. In combination with Japanese Lilyturf and Prickly Pear Cactus, it helps retain moisture on the skin. Exfoliates dull skin, gently removes dead skin cells, accelerating the formation of new skin cells. Amino Soft Foam - these are small bubbles, thin and delicate for your skin, which can penetrate well into the pores and deep cleance your pores.

How to use:
Squeeze the foamy mousse in a generous amount onto palm.
Apply on the face and gently massage over face and neck. Use water to massage together with mousse and massage until create a white smooth creamy foam. Rinse off with water. Use twice a day.

 N.W.: 100 g.

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