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Facy Gold Pearl DNA Collagen Serum (20 ml)

Facy Gold Pearl DNA Collagen Serum (20 ml)

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Facy Gold Pearl DNA Collagen Serum (20 ml)

Concentrated lifting and whitening facial serum with Gold Powder, Pearl Powder, Salmon Caviar DNA Extract and Fish Collagen for bright and firm facial skin.
Vitamin C and Mulberry Extract helps lighten the skin. Pearls and gold provide the skin radiance and youth. Salmon Caviar DNA Extract improves moisture balance, helps increase skin firmness and elasticity.

How to use: Apply a few drops all over face and neck in the and then apply Facy Gold Pearl Whitening Cream. Use morning and before bedtime.

Ingredients: Gold Powder, Pearl Powder, Silk Extract, Fish Collagen, Salmon Caviar DNA Extract, Mulberry Extract, Vitamin C.

Net Volume: 20 ml.

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