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Facy Coffee Plus (15g x 10)

Facy Coffee Plus (15g x 10)

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Facy Coffee Plus for those who want to lose weight. Instant coffee powder contains sucralose and 0 calories.

* Acerola cherry extract is rich in vitamin C and helps fight free radicals.
* White bean extract helps stop the conversion of starch to sugar. Some of the starch will be eliminated from the body as food waste.
* Soybean extract helps inhibit the conversion of double sugar molecules into single sugar molecules. This causes some of the sugar not to be absorbed.
* Cactus extract is a dietary fiber that has the ability to bind fat. As a result, some of the fat is not digested and is eliminated from the body by excretion.
* L-carnitine helps to increase energy metabolism in the body.
* Chromium Picolinate increases the metabolic rate in the body.
* Oligofructose is a dietary fiber that helps you feel full. It is a natural dietary fiber that is not digested or absorbed in the small intestine, but passes into the large intestine.
* Collagen improves skin elasticity.
* Apple fiber is a dietary fiber that helps you feel satiated and also helps fight free radicals.
* Sucralose is a sweetener instead of sugar.

How to prepare: Mix the powder with 100 ml of hot water. If you do not like the sweet taste, you can add a little more water, the taste of sweetness can be increased or decreased depending on the amount of water added.

Package contains: 15g x 10 sachets.

Thai FDA number: 67-1-19046-2-0001

Made in Thailand.



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