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Dove Intense Repair Daily Hair Vitamins, 6 capsules

Dove Intense Repair Daily Hair Vitamins, 6 capsules

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Restore vibrancy and health to your hair with Dove Intense Repair Daily Hair Vitamins.

This innovative 6-capsule treatment, formulated for damaged hair, delivers a powerful blend of different vitamins to deeply nourish and revitalize your locks.

Key benefits:

* Intensely nourishes: Deeply penetrates damaged hair, restoring its health and strength.

* Enriched with botanical extracts, vitamin E, and mineral oil: Provides a potent mix of nutrients that nourish weak hair and promote healthy growth.

* Non-sticky formula: Absorbs quickly, leaving hair soft and manageable, without any residue.

* Deeply moisturizes: Hydrates dry hair, leaving it feeling silky and smooth.

* Visibly healthy hair: With just one capsule a day, you'll experience beautiful, radiant hair that shines with health.

* Delightful fragrance: Leaves hair with a pleasant, long-lasting scent.

Easy to use:

1. Unscrew the capsule head.
2. Squeeze the vitamin into your palm.
3. Apply the vitamin from the middle to the ends of your hair, focusing on the damaged areas.
4. Use a comb or fingers to style your hair as desired.

Pack of 6 capsules (1ml each).

Product of Thailand.

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