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Dok Bua Ku

Dok Bua Ku Everfresh Herbal Toothpaste, 150g

Dok Bua Ku Everfresh Herbal Toothpaste, 150g

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Eliminates bad breath and gives a cool, refreshing taste. With advanced Transatak™ evolution technology combining traditional herbal formulas, the uniqueness of Twin Lotus ensures healthy gums and teeth.

Active ingredient:

Toothbrush Tree
Inhibits the growth of S.Mutans bacteria, which cause tooth decay and plaque. Toothwood has anti-inflammatory properties.

Orange Jessamine
Inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath. Relieves toothache and prevents tooth decay.

Clinacanthus Nutans
Suppresses bacteria that cause tooth decay and plaque. Heals wounds and reduces oral inflammation for faster healing.

Para Cress
Treats toothache and relieves inflammation.

Licorice Extracts
Suppresses the growth of bacteria and prevents tooth decay and loss of tooth enamel.

Suppresses germs that cause tooth decay and plaque. Relieves toothache and relieves inflammation. Stops bad breath.

Peppermint oil
Essential oil that brings freshness and vivacity.

Pack size: 150 g.

Made in Thailand.

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