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Chame Sye Coffee Collagen CLA (15g x 10 sachets)

Chame Sye Coffee Collagen CLA (15g x 10 sachets)

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Chame Sye Coffee plus Collagen Tripeptide + CLA extract is a functional coffee blend with a well-rounded taste and aroma, imported from Brazil and blended with Collagen tripeptide that can be easily absorbed to nourish, moisturize, and reduce wrinkles on your skin. It also contains CLA extract, which accelerates metabolism, promotes fat burning, and aids in weight control. It is suitable for all coffee enthusiasts who want to maintain a slim and healthy physique. This coffee blend contains no added cholesterol, fat, or sugar. It is guaranteed to provide high-quality with the logo of a healthier choice.

0% Sugar, 0% Cholesterol, 0% Trans fat.                                                                           

Pour content into a glass and add 100 – 120 ml of hot water.

Package contains: 15g x 10 sachets.

Thai FDA Number: 13-2-03652-2-0076

Product of Thailand.

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