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CG210 Anti-Hair Loss & Scalp Essence for Women (80 ml)

CG210 Anti-Hair Loss & Scalp Essence for Women (80 ml)

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For women who want to reduce hair loss, increase hair thickness, improve healthy hair and promote new healthy hair.

CG210 is a unique blend of root penetrating extracts and nutrients that help strengthen and strengthen hair.

After 3 months:

11% increase in the number of hairs in anagen phase (growing phase)
14% decease in the number of hairs in telogen phase (falling phase)
45% variation of the portion between anagen hair (growing) and telogen hair (falling)

In addition to being effective, CG 210™ is made from botanical ingredients, so is safe with no known side-effects.

How to use:
Step 1: Shake the bottle well before each use to mix the essence.

Step 2: Spray directly onto the scalp with the cannula. Apply 5-10 sprays onto the entire scalp (wet or dry).

Step 3: Massage your scalp delicately with fingertips.

Step 4: Style your hair as usual. Use CG210 every morning and evening, One bottle lasts one month.

Precautions: Do not spray on hair, the essence has to reach the scalp. Do not wash after application.

Net Volume: 80 ml.



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