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Carebeau Long Hair & Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, 250ml

Carebeau Long Hair & Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, 250ml

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Carebeau Long Hair and Anti Hair Loss Shampoo contains essential ingredients such as argan oil, an organically extracted oil. Argan seed oil contains three times more vitamin E than olive oil, which helps reduce dry and brittle hair. It strengthens the hair and provides better scalp coverage.

The shampoo also contains white sweet lupine extract, rich in glutamine peptides, trace elements and vital substances such as yeast (Pichia minuta) from azalea flowers. This unique combination of peptides promotes thicker hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Pro-vitamin B5 promotes hair health by moisturizing and adding shine. Pyrithione olamine helps reduce dandruff for a healthier scalp.

Net size: 250 ml.

Product of Thailand.

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