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Bio Way

Bio Way Herbal Coconut Toothpaste, 25g

Bio Way Herbal Coconut Toothpaste, 25g

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Combining the value of 100% pure cold pressed coconut oil to help clean teeth effectively. Helps to keep teeth strong, clean, removes bacteria, food residues, tea stains, coffee, cigarettes, gently protects the health of the gums and healthy teeth.

Directions. Apply a small amount of toothpaste onto your toothbrush using a special spatula or by making light, circular stroking motions on the surface of the toothpaste with a dry toothbrush. Clean your teeth thoroughly, rinse. Use twice a day.
Recommended: Do not use wet brushes. Close the lid every time after use.
Net Weight: 25 g.
Thai FDA number: 73-1-6300000659
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