Why are ceramides important for the skin?

Why are ceramides important for the skin?

Ceramides are lipids known as sphingolipids, which are important components of cell membranes and are responsible for protecting cells from foreign bodies. They also play an important role in helping the skin to act as a moisture-retaining agent and maintain the level of water permeability in the skin. Ceramides are found in the outer layer of the epidermis (Stratum Corneum), which is the top layer of the epidermis adjacent to the keratin of the skin. This keratinous link forms an orderly arrangement. It helps to strengthen the skin and reduce the skin's water loss.

Ceramides help protect the skin to keep it healthy, reduce the skin's water loss. Make your skin moisturized and glowing. Our skin usually serves to protect our internal organs from damage. Therefore, it should have great thickness and flexibility. The skin is also responsible for flushing waste products such as sweat out of the body and also helps to cool it down. And if you ask what area of the skin people pay attention to or prioritize. The answer is likely to be "face," leading to a lack of self-confidence, including a bad mood. So if we make sure our face always looks good, it will help boost our confidence and bring it back. Choose a cream or serum that contains beneficial nutrients and ceramides. This is another option that will help your skin have better health. These products will help solve problems directly in the epidermis area.

Important functions of ceramides

  • Is a binder for the orderly arrangement of keratin in the top layer of the skin.
  • Helps protect the skin to keep it healthy and prevent germs from entering the body through the skin
  • Reduces water loss by the skin. Helps the skin retain moisture well. Makes the skin moisturized and glowing.
  • Reduces the synthesis of skin pigment. Helps prevent melasma, freckles and dark spots by making skin clearer.

Benefits of Ceramides

The benefits of ceramides are that the skin becomes supple, moisturized, prevents freckles, dark spots, and the skin looks brighter. By their nature, ceramides gradually decrease in amount as we age. As a result, the condition of the skin changes. There are also many factors that contribute to a lack of ceramides in the skin, such as heredity with congenital dry skin, exposure to sunlight, including stress. Stress stimulates skin cells to reduce ceramide production. If the skin is deficient in ceramides, this leads to dryness, wrinkles, and crows feet. It also causes dark spots and freckles on the skin.


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