Thai Red Colour Herbs Hot Balm (50g)

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Thai Red Colour Herbs Hot Balm (Chili Recipe)

Thai Red Colour Herbs Hot Balm (Chili Recipe)

Red herbal balm with the addition of Red Chili essential oil as biological active ingredient.

Red balm improves blood circulation, delivering active substances to the source of the problem, it quickly and permanently relieves pain, fatigue, heaviness in the legs, actively warming them. Dual combination of Red Chili and Methyl Salicylate boost the blood circulation under skin. It can solve the problem of permanently freezing feet and also improve the condition of blood vessels in a number of diseases.

Directions: Apply to clean, dry skin with massage movements. Avoid contact with wounds, mucous membranes, mouth and eyes.

Package contains: 50 g.

Made in Thailand.


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