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Voodoo Moonlight Day Cream SPF50 PA++ (15g)

Voodoo Moonlight Day Cream SPF50 PA++ (15g)

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Voodoo Moonlight Day Cream SPF50 PA++

The exclusive cream improves both refining and whitening. 9 natural premium extracts effectively softens, whitening and rejuvenates skin.

How to use : Gently smooth over your face and neck after cleansing every morning. Use the day cream as a base before makeup and as a skin preparation, ready for outdoor activities.


KAKADU PLUM - Rich in vitamin C as a highly effective exfoliator. Rejuvenates and strengthens radiant skin.

FRANKINCENSE - Extract from the legendary ancient Egypt, It is believed to maintain the integrity of skin cells invulnerable and always look youthful.

ROSEMARY - Helps anti-oxidants to reduce inflammation, rashes and acne. This anti-wrinkle reduces oil excess on your face.

NIACINAMIDE (VITAMIN B3) - Reduces inflammation and irritation. Helps to open pores as a “door skin” to push in active permeated substances and nutrients with more capacity.

ALOE BARBADENSIS - Helps acne rashes, reduces inflammation and oil excess on your face, shrink your pores.

ALPHA-ARBUTIN - Helps to inhibit melanin production and protects the reappearance of dark spots and skin dullness.

OLIVE OIL - Enriched with vitamin E to retain skin moisture, increases elasticity and makes the skin more supple and soft.

NELUMBO NUCIFERA - The moisturized skin balance.

JOJOBA OIL - Keeps the moisturized skin soft and balance.

Registration number : 10-1-6100005559

Net Weight: 15 g.

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