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Propoliz Mouth Spray, 15ml

Propoliz Mouth Spray, 15ml

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Propoliz Mouth Spray with a blend of natural honey, peppermint and menthol. It tastes sweet, cool and fragrant. No side effects.

Natural spray has antiviral, bacterial and fungal activity, analgesic action, anti-inflammatory action, accelerates tissue repair. Suitable for symptoms: Sore throat caused by viruses and bacteria, throat irritation, hoarseness, heat sores, toothache, gum inflammation.

Natural spray contains standardized propolis extract. Standardized propolis is an extract from the rind of a honeycomb. Standardized propolis contains 10 times more active ingredients than conventional propolis extracts, demonstrating superior efficacy and quality.

How to use the spray: Spray 2-3 puffs at a time as often as needed.

Thai FDA number: 13-1-5300009

Size: 15 ml.

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