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Oriental Princess

Oriental Princess Age Recharge Exfoliate Body Scrub (200g)

Oriental Princess Age Recharge Exfoliate Body Scrub (200g)

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Our Age Recharge Body Scrub with its nourishing moisture will help pamper your beautiful skin with 4D anti-aging innovation. First, detox your skin with Globe Daisy that helps replenish your skin with new and improved cells. Your skin will shine radiantly and healthily. Defence dimension protects your delicate skin from every day’s pollution with Echium Seed Oil extract. Densify dimension strengthens your skin’s structure, leaving it fit and firm with Persian Silk tree ingredient. Diminish dimension blends Vitamin C, Zinc PCA and Olive Leaf Extract to help lessen wrinkles and age spots, leaving your skin soft and moisturised that you can feel even after your first try.

Apply onto a sponge or directly onto your skin, massage into a rich and velvety smooth lather and pamper yourself with the beautiful fragrance. Rinse off thoroughly. Suitable for all skin types.
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