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Oriental Princess

Oriental Princess 5 in 1 Fit & Firm Serum (200ml)

Oriental Princess 5 in 1 Fit & Firm Serum (200ml)

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Indulge yourself with our perfect 5 in 1 Fit & Firm Serum that gives you more confidence and firmer skin. Lightweight serum that easily absorbs into your skin with non-greasy formula. Deep nourishing treatment from Lipocare 3%, coupled with natural coffee and seaweed extract that rejuvenates and restores skin with cellulites for a firmer and smoother touch. For best result, use regularly with other 5 in 1 Fit & Firm products.

After thoroughly cleaning your body, add a generous amount to palm and smooth over your skin. Massage onto your skin in a circular direction, including areas such as abdominal surface, upper arms, upper legs and hips. Use a body massager as frequently as needed
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