Poompuksa Herbal Hair Tonic (80ml)

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Anti-Hair Loss

Herbal Hair Tonic 
For people who have itchy hair, dandruff and hair loss problems. The drug does not cause allergies because it is extracted from a herbal formula without preservatives.
Use every morning - evening during the treatment. Should wash your hair every day before using hair tonic for a clean scalp.

How to use: Wash your hair thoroughly. Gently massage into the scalp to help the solution penetrate into the hair roots. Hair root cells will be stimulated and start working again.

At first, the problematic hair will gradually fall off. When used for a longer period, hair loss will gradually decrease. Because the new, strong hair will gradually replace. When it recovered should continue to use hair tonic on a regular basis to give better results. Because it protecting the hair root and scalp cells from fungi and bacteria. Also helps to keep the new hair strong and always perfect.

Net Volume: 80 ml.


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