Maxi Doomz Breast Enlargement Capsules (30 pcs)

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Breast Enlargement and Vagina Tightening.

Maxi Doomz Breast Enlargement Capsules.

- Helps adjust hormonal balance and increase female hormoneresulting  in breast enlargement, vagina tightening.
- Boost up women’s confidence, sexiness, and youthfulness.
- Effectively promote skin radiance, and reduce wrinkles, melasmas,    freckles and dark spots.
- Whiter and brighter skin.
- No side effects.

How to use:
Take 1 capsule per time, two times a day after meal or on emty stomach.

For visible result recomended use 1-2 months.

Do not use during pregnancy or feeding period, for elderly and children.

Ingridients: Glutathione, Berry Mix Extract, Vitamin C, Vitamine E, Collagen, Placenta Extract, Reishi Extract, Pine Bark Extract.

30 Capsules.


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