Herbal One VO2 (90 pcs)

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Preventing osteoarthritis of the knee.

Aoyan Osot Co., Ltd received the National Award for Outstanding Herbal Supplements 2019.       

- Helps to nourish the muscles and bones;
- Reduce joint inflammation;
- Reduce muscle tension, fatigue and cramping;
- Increase oxygen consumption when exercising;
- Black sesame extract helps reduce inflammation of the knee, inhibits enzymes. 
- Preventing osteoarthritis of the knee.
- Reduces the concentration of lactate in blood that is generated by the cellular metabolism process. 
  Which occurs while exercising without oxygen.
Recommended Dosage:
2 capsule once a day.
Active ingredients per capsule:
- Krachai Dam 100 mg.
- Black Sesame Seed Extract 200 mg.
- Safflower Extract 200 mg.
90 Capsules.
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